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Research Staff

Katie Baucom

Katie Baucom, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator / Assistant Professor

I began studying relationships in 2002 when I first joined a research team as a second-year undergraduate at New College of Florida. I completed my B.A. at New College (2005), my Ph.D. at UCLA (2012), and have been licensed as a psychologist in Utah since 2012. Prior to founding the HEART Lab in 2018, I was a Research Scientist with the Family Translational Research Group at NYU, as well as a Research Assistant Professor and Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology here at the University of Utah. When I’m not in the HEART Lab you can find me hiking, cross-country skiing, or moose-watching in the canyons, foothills, and mountains that surround Salt Lake City.



Elizabeth Beaulieu, B.S.

Research Associate & Lab Manager

I graduated from the University of Utah in Spring of 2022 with a B.S. in Psychology. I started at the HEART Lab as a Research Assistant in the Fall of 2021 and am thrilled to be able to continue being a part of the HEART Lab. My research interests encompass human sexuality, gender, and the intersection and influence of intergenerational trauma on sexuality and sexual function.


kemi sutton

Kemi Sutton, B.A.

Research Associate

I earned a degree in Elementary Education from BYU in 1997. (Don't hold that against me. ha ha.) I have six kids, ranging in age from 24-9, an over-excitable husky, and a cat who is only happy when she's being annoying. When I have (rare) free time, I like to read, go for long walks, and listen to music, loudly. I also like road trips. I'm currently a substitute teacher for Canyons School District, and I'm getting ready to start a seasonal job with the Salt Lake Bees, managing ticket packages, suites, and special guests.


Graduate Students

brooke franklin

Brooke Franklin, B.S.

I’m Brooke! I’m originally from Morgantown, West Virginia, and I earned my B.S. in psychology and human developmental sciences from UC San Diego. My research interests primarily surround the intersection of physical and mental health and understanding how we can better prevent physical and mental illness (especially anxiety, depression, and chronic physical illnesses, such as diabetes). I am passionate about examining how lifestyle behaviors (ex. exercise), relationships, and mind body interventions can be leveraged to improve mental and physical health outcomes! I’m also passionate about dissemination and implementation!


Manuel Gutierrez Chavez, B.S.

Manuel Gutierrez Chavez, B.S.

I am a graduate student in the Clinical Program at the U. My mentors are Dr. Anu Asnaani and Dr. Katie Baucom. With both of their guidance, I am currently working on a community engaged project that is planning to create a mindfulness-based health intervention related to emotional eating for the Hispanics/Latines in the Salt Lake City area. My research interests are in the intersection of identity, mental and physical health, and community-based interventions. It is imperative that research diversifies its whole process, including interdisciplinary research, and that we empower our community members through the affirmation of their identities.


Manuel Gutierrez Chavez, B.S.

Brynn Meulenberg, B.A.

I graduated from Michigan State University with a B.A. in Psychology. I am currently a graduate student in the Clinical Psychology program. My research interests include exploring how family relationships impact health and can be utilized to improve health outcomes and decreasing health disparities within Latinx communities more generally. I’m specifically excited to address these issues through a community-based participatory research approach! In my free time I enjoy walking while listening to podcasts, eating good food, and spending time with friends.


Madelyn Whitaker, B.S., M.A.

Madelyn Whitaker, B.S., M.A.

I am a PhD student in the Clinical Psychology program, who is interested broadly in health psychology and how to improve lifestyle behaviors among patients with or at risk for chronic conditions. I have my B.S. in Sport Medicine from Pepperdine, my M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Northwestern, and have worked as a scribe in a family medicine clinic, so appreciate an interdisciplinary approach to research and clinical work.

I love trail running, hiking, and enjoying mountain top views! If you ever need trail recommendations, let me know!


Research Assistants

olivia giaccio

Olivia Giaccio


Lab Alumni

Monique Chantelle Aguirre

Monique Chantelle Aguirre, B.S., BSW

Mason Bancroft

Mason Bancroft, B.S.

Lauren banner

Lauren Banner, B.S.

tali bauman

Tali Bauman, B.S.

Manny Diaz

Manny Diaz, B.S.

Yessica diaz

Yessica Diaz

Olivia Huntzinger

Olivia Huntzinger

Terry Kim

Terry Kim, B.S.

Bennie Martinez

Bennie Martinez, B.S.

Yanina Yemirovsky

Yanina Nemirovsky, L.M.S.W.

Bailley Ogles

Bailley Ogles, B.S.

Haley Parsons

Haley Parsons, B.S.

Angel Picos

Angel Picos

Brianna Schubert

Briana Schubert, B.A.

Amy Thomson

Amy Thompson, B.S.

Lachlan Zuchetto

Lachlan Zuchetto




















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